June 27, 2017
FROM: Department of Police Department
SUBJECT: Approve Purchase of the KeyW Base Station System

1.  Authorize the purchase and installation of the Base Station System from KeyW Corporation in the amount of $609,724.25;

2.  Approve KeyW Corporation as a single source vendor for this cellular geo-location product technology;

3.  Approve and authorize the Chief of Police to execute documents related to the purchase of the KeyW Corporation Base Station System.

* To improve public safety by increasing operational efficiency, visibility and availability.
* To improve public safety by combating gang and drug activity.
Major shifts in the information technology landscape over the past two decades have made the collection and analysis of digital evidence an increasingly important tool for solving crimes and preparing court cases. More and more hi-tech devices are being developed and used for law enforcement purposes. These devices can help law enforcement officers resolve dangerous situations, locate and arrest suspects, gather evidence, solve crimes and protect themselves and the public more effectively.

The requested items for purchase are developed and owned exclusively by the KEYW Corporation with all rights reserved. KEYW operates its distribution under a non-disclosure clause for non-public distribution of specifications based upon the proprietary nature of the equipment and systems sold. KEYW maintains sole proprietary ownership of all its distributed product lines.

The system’s ability to triangulate the precise location of a telecommunications device in the possession of criminals will allow the Fontana Police Department to track the exact movements of offenders, as well as pinpoint their current locations for rapid apprehension. The procurement of this equipment will increase the number of arrests for fugitives, drug traffickers, and violent offenders (Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Homicide), while reducing the time it takes to locate dangerous offenders that need to be removed from the streets of our city. Kidnapping, online sex trade, and extortion cases are also a growing trend. This technology will further enhance our ability to locate the victims of these and other crimes, to include vulnerable missing subjects and suicidal subjects.

This technology can also be used for investigations related to Homeland Security and terrorism, and is an excellent tool to identify and track terrorist suspects. The intelligence gathered by this equipment can be readily shared between the Fontana Police Department and our federal partners (FBI, DEA, ICE, U.S. Marshals Service, United States Attorney’s Office), as well as our neighboring state and local law enforcement agencies. Upon request, this equipment can also be used to assist these agencies with the location and apprehension of targeted offenders. The tracking and/or searching with the System is controlled through the court systems via a valid search warrant protecting our agency from privacy act issues.

In researching the product with other law enforcement agencies both locally and in other states, there are only a few vendors of this type but none have the full functions that KeyW offers. The KeyW Corporations cellular geo-location products are currently the only ones that can support LTE Band 41 technology along with other unique capabilities. Other police departments that are currently utilizing this product to name a few are; Indiana, Maryland, Alabama and North Carolina. Most of the local agencies currently utilize the Harris Corporation technology, which does not support LTE and now only sells to the Federal government, no longer selling to State and local law enforcement. The Purchasing Office concurs with procurement of this product from KeyW Corporation as a single source vendor category.
Funds for this purchase were requested and approved as part of Fiscal Year 2016-17 Third-Quarter budget adjustments from Federal Asset Seizure Fund #223, Project Number 9203500223.8318.
Approve staff recommendation.
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